The Glorious Past

Our Heritage

Jehangirs is a modern Mughlai restaurant that provides its diners with a complete royal experience, including the service and quality of a five-star establishment at a fraction of the price.

We bring you a culinary legacy that was perfected over three centuries of Mughal rule and would forever change Indian cuisine. The Mughals lived life in opulence, and their dining habits reflected this. Their food was rich and complex, made with spices, nuts, and dried fruits that filled the room with an explosion of aromatic flavors. Milk, cream, ghee, and butter were used to thicken and richen their delectable creations.



Our Menu

Since the inception of Mughlai cuisine, the chefs ensured a masterpiece was created with every dish that was prepared, as it had to be served to the king! At Jehangir’s, our cuisine imbibes the authenticity and richness of the grand Mughal cuisine and takes it a step further by giving it a contemporary interpretation; all the while staying true to the essence and heritage of a legendary history.

Biryani & Rice


Soups & Sides

Starters & Deserts

People behind Jehangir's

Top Rock Interiors presents this flagship restaurant in Alain, showcasing contemporary design infused with traditional motifs reminiscent of the grandeur of the Mughal Era. The decor and ambiance is complimented by a delectable menu offering created by some of the finest minds in the culinary world. We are poised to revolutionize the F& B sector with further expansion of our outlets to Abu Dhabi, Dubai and other regions of the Emirates.


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